Monday, 3 November 2008

Exclusive first look of Ram Gopal Varma's Rann - A News Story

exclusive by Devansh Patel

First the news that RGV is making Rann which revolves around the media hits you like a hammer on the head. Then last week we brought you the exclusive who's who of Bollywood in the film and the characters they play in it. Looks like RGV likes hitting us slowly but surely every few days. So if you're lucky and have just logged on, the chances are that you'll be hit for the third time by the hard hitting director. Check out the first ever look at the poster of Rann - A news story. It's all dark red which symbolises the strength and the power of the media. It's got blood stains which I think tries to tell us the brutal killings taking place around the world which dominates the front pages of the newspapers and news channels everyday. What's also interesting is the fact that RGV announced his film Rann with a byline saying 'A News Story'. But the creatives is missing that bit of the line and instead has 'Truth is Terrible'. We know Ramu's unpredictable element. For once, if you have a close look at the title, it's not in English. Rann is actually written in Hindi to give an impact. The two words 'Ra' and 'ann' are razor sharp and looks like a knife and a sword telling us about the razor sharp competition among the news channels and the print media. Even though the name of the film sums itself up in two words, the word is much bigger in scale including its star cast. There isn't a hard lesson to be learned from this, or a groundbreaking discovery to brag about, but as an observation on the recurring colour choices of the RGV medium of films in the recent past, I found this exercise oddly fulfilling because it's the first time I've written something about a movie poster. And it goes without question that this is anything but a definitive assessment, as there are hardly any movie posters out there which depict lot more in just two words. Yet I'm still somewhat captivated by the use of the red colour in this poster, more so after I put my above imaginations to it. Looks bloddy haunted! Knowing RGV, you never know what else is going to hit you next week! Be red-y!

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Vijay Joahi said...

woah Never ever heard of an article being written so much details for a Exclusive Title poster of a film that too from Ramu!

Devansh u r surly building up this film in the Media from within.

I have the same hopes to it as well