Saturday, 10 May 2008

Why I ishstarted the blog?

In a true filmi style, the answer is - Actually, basically....I started my blog because I wanted to. I want to connect with the people, the aam janta out there. They are the ones responsible for what I am today. (You mean a flop star?...Ha Ha) Without their support I wouldn't be where I am today (Yeah...still finding your first big break) I've got your blessings and now I need the ishtyle, the goodluck and the farmoola (Saala...yeh line toh kahin suna lagta hain...arree Tashan ka copy mara) Jokes apart....

For all you mad, crazy Bollywood buffs out there, Filmi Farmoola is dedicated to you. So begin your journey by watching the Zee Cine Awards red carpet arrival video which is already posted.

Besides, you will also find the latest reviews, gossips and interviews with your favourite pin up star.

First impression eejj last impression (Saala....yeh bhi Tashan se uthaya hain)

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