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Shreyas Talpade assures to have a blast this Diwali with GOLMAAL RETURNS

exclusive by Devansh Patel

Nobody, but nobody who's worked with Shreyas Talpade has a bad word to say about him. I've never, ever heard of him pulling a star turn or showing any ego. He is like a diamond cutter. You don't just look at the diamond, you only notice that there is no flaws. For me, he is the young Naseer saab or Om Puri who, in years to come, is going to be India's finest actors around. His Iqbal gave him recognition, his Dor gave him maturity and his Om Shanti Om gave him his biggest blockbuster hit till date. That's not all. With his Welcome to Sajjanpur being screened at this years London Film Festival taking place from October 15 to 30th, the actor is on cloud nine and is looking forward to his next big release Golmaal Returns. Bollywood Hungama's London correspondent Devansh Patel brings to you this exclusive talkathon with Talpade where he talks about Celina, Tusshar, his directors Rohit Shetty and Nagesh Kukunoor and why he thinks that Golmaal Returns will have a blast this Diwali.

The new Sajjan Shreyas Talpade has taken over from the Iqbal and Dor types to the one doing Golmaal. What say?
(laughs). Infact when I was in theatre, there was a lot of comedy I did and I really enjoyed doing the plays. It is difficult to make people laugh but I guess if you enjoy doing it then people will enjoy seeing it too.

You are the only new comer from the bunch of four lunatics by taking Sharman Joshi's place. Did your role demand to see Golmaal part one?
I have seen Golmaal part one and now we begin from where my director Rohit Shetty left the four mad men 9laughs). It is a new story and they are not friends in this new series. Ajay Devgan's character works in a company and I work under Ajay, Tusshar is Ajay's brother in law, etc. What was more important was gelling with the entire team because the chemistry from part one had to be continued in part two. I had to look as a part of the team and not a new comer in the gang. It was possible only because of my director Rohit Shetty who is a cool guy who made me comfortable and secondly Ajay, Arshad and Tusshar were superb in terms of improvising, co-operating and supporting me. I was made to feel at home right from day one.

In a recent interview with Celina in Mumbai, she revealed to me that the two co-stars she'd love to work again and again are Tusshar Kapoor and Shreyas Talpade. What makes you special in front of her?
(laughs). This was the first time I've worked with Celina and for her to make that remark is inspiring. I was so pleasantly surprised by seeing her dedication and her approach towards her character, even in terms of improvising, suggesting and adding certain things. We did a lot of masti together. If you have a co-star who is so enthusiastic and charged up to contribute then it's complete fun to work. The whole rapport goes much beyond than just sharing the screen space. The kind of rapport me, Tusshar and Celina now have is, touchwood, amazing. We talk nonsense and can go on for hours together talking bull sh***, but we have a great time. I would anyday prefer working with Tusshar and Celina.

Is there any of your film to look out for opposite Celina or Tusshar?
Well, infact, Celina and me have worked in a film together called 'Paying Guest'. It's a Mukta Arts film directed by Paritosh Painter who is a well known theatre personality. I've known Paritosh since college. We were in the same drama team for five years. It was like going back to the college nostalgia thing with Paritosh. With Celina, I knew her strengths and what she was capable of. So we had a ball shooting together.

What's 'Paying Guest' all about?
It's about four friends who are looking for a place to stay as Paying Guests and for that what all they need to do. It's shot in Bangkok.

Wow, you again go to Bangkok then?
(laughs). Yes. Seems like I will soon be getting a citizenship of Bangkok.

Are you proud of the fact that your film 'Welcome to Sajjanpur' is to be screened at the prestigious London Film Festival 2008?
Absolutely. It is definitely an honour I should say. The film getting selected in the London Film Festival this year is a huge thing for the entire team. For me, first of all, doing a Shyam Benegal film was an honour and the film getting selected at the LFF is indeed a proud moment for anyone who is doing his first solo project. It is running very well in the cinemas across India right now. So it's party time for all of us and we should celebrate.

It's gone to the London Film Festival but the film hasn't released theatrically in the U.K. Are you upset of that fact?
Kind of but it's because of the London Film Festival. We had to first screen it there and only after that's over we can release it. So I am sure the producer and the director will be looking to release it in the cinemas soon. Let's hope so.

Now that Golmaal is returning, is Shreyas going to 'Tha Kar De' everyone?
(laughs). It's definitely going to work brother. There is a shock element in the film but I am happy for the fact that I am able to maintain some sort of a balance in the scripts I am signing, whether it may be comedy, horror or whatever. I am proud of Golmaal Returns. Tha Kar De is inspired from the Rajnikant film Shivaji which Rohit Shetty saw and thought that we should have a song like that. And there was a bit of scope of such a song in the film. So all of us felt that we should do it. It has some 300 dancers, 150 stunt men with blasts happening and cars flying over each other. It's a fun song which took about 12 days to shoot. I am not sure how much was the cost involved but it definitely cost the producers a bomb.

What makes Golmaal Returns different from other comedy films you've done in the past?
In a way the genre is same. It's slapstick, mad and over the top kind of comedy. But the kind of twists and turns that are there in Golmaal Returns are amazing. It has somewhere maintained the kind of honesty and innocence that was there in part one. So you won't find stars in the film but characters. Golmaal Returns has maintained the flavour of part one Golmaal.

You will always be remembered as a boy in Nagesh Kukunoor's Iqbal. Now Aashayein is on hold. Is it something that you've discussed with your friend Nagesh about?
See, I'm not a part of Aashayein. John Abraham is in it. So honestly I don't know the status of the film and what is really happening with it. I was told that they have postponed the release date for reasons best known to them. The film is complete and I am sure it must've shaped up really well knowing what Nagesh's capabilities are.

Has Nagesh approached you for any of his forthcoming projects?
I'm not a part of the three films he is doing right now. Tasveer with Akshay Kumar, Aashayein with John Abraham and there is one more he is shooting for in Jaipur as we talk. But you know, with Nagesh, he knows that I'll be there for him and with him whenever he needs me. He has already made it clear that if a particular character suits me then it's only me who will do it and no one else. So I go by his word and am looking forward to work with him again. Even though he is filming, there is this unpredictable quality in him that I like. He keeps you on your toes as an actor. He has given me two of my best films in my career.

Let's return to Golmaal. Any premiere plans of Golmaal Returns in London just like your previous film Om Shanti Om had in Leicester Square?
I don't know. But going by the buzz, the curiosity is very positive just like Om Shanti Om. We would love to be there in London because London has given me my biggest blockbuster till date. So you can say it's my lucky venue and I hope someday even my solo films get released in London and we have a premiere there.

Any parting message for your fans who are waiting for a blast this Diwali in the form of Golmaal Returns?
Well, I am sure they won't regret. They will have a great time and if they are expecting a blast, they will get a blast. They will only come out laughing by the end of the film. I'd like to thank them all for their support and even Welcome to Sajjanpur might release shortly. So I hope both my films are able to bring a smile on their faces.

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