Tuesday, 3 February 2009

World exclusive - 'Aa Dekhe Zara' promo watch starring Neil Nitin Mukesh and Bipasha Basu

by Devansh Patel

Now this one's an exclusive! Bollywood Hungama is all set to get you the exclusive look of the much awaited Neil Nitin Mukesh and Bipasha Basu film Aa Dekhe Zara. By the way, it's not the poster of the film, it's the teaser trailer...and must say..it looks first rate.

So without giving away much, Neil plays a role of a photographer in the film who seems to be obsessed by clicking pictures of anything and everything including himself wherever he travels. Bipasha Basu plays a D.J. in the film who is in love with Neil. The teaser starts off with Neil and Bips introduction to their individual characters, breaks into a song, and then everything gets serious till Neil meets his date with fate. The film looks like a thriller in a dark setting. Having said that, last year, we also brought to attention that 'Freeze' was the original working title of the film, and going by the look of the teaser it may just be that the film is an inspiration from the 2004 Lee Evans starrer 'Freeze Frame' where the protagonist, after being accused of a hideous murder becomes paranoid and starts filming himself along twenty-four hours a day to have an alibi if necessary.

Needless to say, that Johnny Gaddar will continue his winning ways by capturing audiences with his thrillers to come this year - New York and Aa Dekhe Zara. Till then, let's wait and watch Kisme Kitna Hai Dum!

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