Saturday, 9 May 2009

Arjun Rampal on his latest Schweppes advert with Nicole Kidman

exclusive by Devansh Patel

Spending your best summer time in the Caribbean islands and being disturbed every five minutes is not what you'd be ideally looking forward to. But Arjun Rampal is. The actor who is currently spending quality time out with his family in the scenic Caribbean is on cloud nine after his mobile being inundated with multiple text messages from his friends and well wishers congratulating him on his latest Schweppes commercial being aired on You Tube along with Nicole Kidman. Speaking exclusively to Bollywood Hungama from the Caribbean islands, Arjun comments on the scene where Nicole Kidman walks towards him unzipping her dress. “It's a bit of a tongue and cheek humour towards the end when Nicole walks in the room and unzips her dress signifying to go for it. I'm sure it's up to the audiences to decide what I'm going for, Nicole or the drink”, said Rampal with a bit of laugh. He then described his co-starlet, the charming Mrs Kidman, “She is tall and fab. Charming, beautiful, sexy, gracious, professional and a go getter.” Arjun again laughs and we know why. The go-getter gets a bit serious. He quotes, “She was only there for three days in Udaipur but kept herself always fit. She is irresistible when she is in front of the camera.” But before the excited Mr Mascareanhas (as we call him after the super success of Rock On) decided to plunge himself in the pool, he went on to give us some exciting news which he said no media in India was aware of. We always say, don't we, that it's a Bollywood Hungama exclusive. He said, “The Schweppes people are flying me from the Caribbean to the Cannes because they were so happy with the commercials response. They too have been getting numerous text messages and that's when they decided to call me and let me know of their plan to fly me down while I was enjoying with my family here. A special chopper is being arranged to make my trip a bit extra special. Whether or not I'll be attending the Cannes Film Festival, I don't know, but I am looking forward to spend my lovely 24 hours in Cannes with my family and I bet it's going to be quite a lot of fun”.

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