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"If people don't like my films, I take it as a learning experience", Aamir Khan talks to the media after the first Ghajini screening at PVR Juhu

exclusive by Devansh Patel

"We are very pleased that the film is finally releasing now and infact, we are sitting in PVR cinemas where the press show has just finished and the second is about to start. Couple of days back, the entire cast and the crew were tensed whether the film would release or not but we are glad to announce that Ghajini is finally releasing across cinemas today". These were the words coming out from Aamir Khan immediately after the first ever press screening of Ghajini got over at the PVR cinema in Juhu around 7.30pm. Accompanying him was director A.R. Murugadoss too. Harrow Observer's columnist and Bollywood Hungama's London correspondent Devansh Patel was present during the surprise visit of perfectionist Khan and gets you some interesting tit bits by the actor as the media quiz him on the film, his co-star Asin, his X-mas celebrations, his New Year resolutions and much more.

Why was this copyright issue brought up at the last time?
This copyright issue has been with us for quite some time now and the producer of the film Allu Arvind was trying to resolve the issue in the court. The information I have with me was that the hearing was over by 10th December but the order came on the 23rd December. We appealed on the same day and you won't believe how happy I am today that our film is officially releasing. The producer has deposited Rs 5 crore in the court and there is no stay on the film.

Whoever has seen the film are saying that there is a lot of violence shown in the film.
The response I've just got before I came in to meet you all is that the film is being appreciated and the kind of advance bookings for Ghajini is the highest ever for a Hindi feature film because it's four times more than the previous films. I am happy that there is a lot of excitement surrounding the film. I am waiting for the response from the audience.

How different or difficult was it to portray a character who talks more with his eyes than his mouth?
To play the character was very difficult but I don't want to say anything about my role. Please let the audiences come out and we will talk then.

Normally a film title is based on the name of a hero or heroine. This one is based on a villian called Ghajini.
The film is called Ghajini because its the only clue which the hero has. That's the only name he wants to find and kill.

What was your biggest inspiration while you did Ghajini?
Soorya, the actor who was in the original Tamil version of the film Ghajini. He has done a fantastic job. After watching the film, I was a bit hesitant whether to do the film or not. I was in two minds. Soorya convinced me and said that I was the only one who could do justice to the character. He pushed me to do Ghajini.

As you've now got a lot of hair cutting experience behind you and then the legal hassles to face, do you think aap baal baal bach gaye?
(laughs) I am feeling very releaved and nice t know that there are no more legal hassles.

What have you to say on the paintings gifted to you by Salman Khan which Asin unveiled three days back?
I am truly touched by the gestures of Salman Khan. He is such a great artist and I didn't know that till I saw his work. He has made some amazing paintings on Ghajini and I thank him for that.

How did you relate those paintings with your character in the film?
One of the portraits he has made matches my looks and the personality in the film. The second one is a very conceptualized version of the same.

Pirated cd's and dvd's will be available from day two after the film releases. Aren't you angry?
I am but what can we do about it. No one is ready to take action against this crime.

How true is it that youself and Salman are forming a team or a camp against SRK?
There is no truth in that at all. I think, Salman, Shahrukh and me are individuals in our own right. I have a relationship with SRK and Salman. Both are friends and there are no camps or anything like that.

Anushka and Asin, both have made their debut. Who do you think will win an award come 2009?
(laughs) What awards are you talking about and to whom are you asking this question. Only our audiences can give awards, nobody else.

How do you intend to celebrate Christmas this year?
I am going to be at home with my family for Christmas.

With so much goodwill surrounding you in the industry and your films going to the Oscars and the Bafta's and people talking good about you and your films, this time around, are you ready to face criticism?
I am always open for criticism.

What if you get to know that Ghajini is not upto the mark?
If people don't like any of my films then I treat it as a learning experience.

What excited you to do Ghajini?
What excited me about this film was the action, the story, the exciting scrrenplay and above all the love story in the film. That really won my heart. One of the main reasons I did this film was A.R. Murugadoss. When I met him it felt like meeting a kid who has this toy in his hand. All my expectations were fulfilled after working with him. He is so clear and understands the film so well that it's really amazing.

The Oscar committee saw Taare Zameen Par and have praised it. What have you got to say about it?
The committee liked the film a lot and the concerned person called me to congratulate me on how good Taare Zameen Par was. That doesn't mean that we are nominated because I am sure he liked other films too. But the fact that he has taken the effort to call was touching and I am very happy about it.

Aamir, I've lost a bit of my memory. Can you please tell me who was the lead actor in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi?
Why do you guys do this to me yaar. You like such things, don't you? One day because of you, I'll be beaten up badly (laughs)

Who according to you has got the best body in business in Bollywood?
In male, it has to be John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan and in females it has to be Kareena Kapoor because she is very good looking and has a great body.

What is your New Year resolution?
I haven't yet thought about it. But I will be going to the theatres to watch my film Ghajini in disguise. Where and how I am going will be kept a secret (laughs).

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