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"Will you marry me Anushka?", Devansh Patel to Anushka in an exclusive interview

exclusive by Devansh Patel

"Thank you so much. I've been answering the same old questions two thousand times". This is what the delighted Anushka Sharma with a beautiful smile told to me when I walked in to the YRF Studio's first floor room after letting her know that I wasn't in a mood of asking cliched questions to her for her film Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. But she forgot to ask me my mood then, because for once, I was in a mood to create something new, something cheerful, something light, something entertaining, something more flirtatious. What's more, she was ready and comfortable with my mood, but what she didn't see coming was her first ever proposal by a journalist in a closed room. I asked her out on a date first and then asked her whether she would marry me. To my jaw dropping surprise, she said, "Yes". Listening to her talk, you can hear the qualities that made her Taani in the film, she has become the face of the season that you would want to hear the news from and a reason for anyone to fall in love with. In some ways, she says, the life chose her rather than the other way around. With her exotic looks and her obvious sense of fun, you'd think Anushka Sharma would have many a men beating a path to her door. But no. I was the only first and the last man standing which put her through this fancy-free and flirty conversation. Not that she doesn't want a man in her life - it's just that Rab found me for her. Harrow Observer UK and Bollywood Hungama's London correspondent brings you the never before heard or seen conversation with the sexy, single and now successful Anushka Sharma on Rab, Tab aur Ab (God, then and now).

Shahrukh told me that Adi Chopra believed the film was made by Rab. What's your opinion on the quote?
Absolutely correct. Me being a part of this film is also because of Rab because now that I've done this film, in a strange way I believe that everything that has happened in my life before this has kind of structured to get me to this. In terms of me moving to Mumbai, me not being too exposed inspite of being in the modelling world for quite some time, etc all help me get Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. It was entirely Rab's blessings for all of us, not for me alone.

The recently updated UK figures have grossed almost half a million pounds in seven days for your film. Are you going to be a million dollar baby by the end of two weeks?
(laughs) Actually I don't understand the figures very well. I do ask Yash Raj how the film is doing at the box office and what the people are thinking about it. But as you're telling me that the film has grossed half a million pounds, I'm sure the people are going to the cinemas and watching it. But I wanted everyone to come out of the theatres and scream on top of their voice - What a film man! I'm going and watching it the next time. It feels good to be a part of a successful film and even special when you know that you've contributed towards the success.

Will the success of Rab Ne take your feet off the ramp?
This film happened by chance but modelling was something that I always wanted to do. I've never said that I wanted to be Miss World or an actress. I just wanted to be a model walking the ramp. Whether I will return back to the ramp is all upto Rab now. Let's see.

Are you happy with the unhappy response from quite a few critics from the media world?
Yeah, I heard that many critics haven't taken the film very well. But that's fine. Everyone is entitled to their own individual opinion and they are viewers after all. I respect all the critics opinion.

How critical were your parents after watching the film?
My elder brother will never pay me any compliment because he is harsh. And so is my dad. After watching the film my brother said, "You can act huh". For my mother, I'm the best in the world. My dad was impressed though.

You made my friend and colleague who was sitting next to me while watching the film cry. Why?
(laughs) Really? Actually I wanted everyone to cry. My friends called me up saying that they really enjoyed the film and had fun throughout. But in return I asked them whether they cried watching the same. I wanted them to cry. If someone has cried, they are feeling for you and your character. I guess it's nice in a way.

So tell me, are your parents going to look out for a boy like Suri or Raj for your marriage?
(laughs) My father always says, "You please go and find a boy for yourself because I doubt if I will ever find one for you". I tend to go the hyper way sometimes which is fine because that's my age. So if I was ever to find someone for me, the guy has to be like Surinder Sahni. If you are dating a rich brat, how far can you go on is my question and where are you going to go? You want to be with someone who loves you like Suri does, that is unconditionally. He has to be sweet and genuine. I was watching the film and was cursing my character because I failed to understand why isn't Taani falling in love with him.

You envy Gauri Khan then?
(laughs out loud) No, not at all. They are such a cute couple. I can never think of that.

Ok, would you leave your husband in real life if you find someone else?
For Taani, she didn't marry out of choice but Anushka Sharma is going to marry out of choice. And when I do get married I will never think of leaving my husband.

Now please close your eyes and tell me where do you see Rab when you open your eyes. I know it's me but still go on, tell me.
(laughs out loud) Yes, it's you in front of me. But on a serious note, you are not seeing Rab in someone, you see the goodness of Rab in a person. Someone who is so correct like Suri doesn't have a single bad bone in his body. He is such a nice man and is so good to everybody. That's what God is like, right?

You are a classic dancer with a classical grace.
Thank you for the compliment and thanks to my Bharatnatyam classes I did till I was in the seventh standard. My mother always wanted me to learn classical dancing but I kept running away from it. What you've seen on screen is thanks to Shiamak Davar who helped me for one whole month of training.

When do you plan to go to the UK and show your beautiful face to the country which has accepted you and your film with open arms?
I'm booking my flight with you. Let's go together. That's a good idea isn't it? I've never been to the UK and I'd love to go there once.

You don't need to climb the ladder of success because you are so tall.
(laughs) You're right. But in the film, I wasn't wearing any heels. If I was, I would've looked taller than Shahrukh.

Have you been offered any toothpaste commercial because your smile kills.
Oh really (laughs). I haven't been offered any toothpaste commercial but the day I get an offer, I'll send you a thank you note.

How similar is Anushka to Taani?
In more ways than one. But Anushka right now is very tired and I've been doing these interviews since morning which will go on till 11pm. Please tell me how do these actors do it. Hats off to them. I have to learn the tricks of the trade. Sometimes it does get tiring to answer the same questions again and again. I must say, your questions are a welcome relief.

I can't keep my eyes off you and I have to say this, will you come out on a date with me?
(laughs) Yes, I don't mind but on one condition. You don't have to ask me any questions, I will ask you the same question forty times and you'll have to answer it. Secondly, we will go the Yash Raj canteen outside for our date. Thirdly, you will have to compliment me, talk all the nice things about me and be very sweet with me. If that's what you can do, I'm up for it.

Now you're being conditional here.
I have to if you want a date with me (laughs)

How about a step forward. Will you marry me Anushka?
(laughs out loud) Yes but again it will be conditional. You know what, my father may agree to your proposal also because he will be more than willing to say, "Accha hai...koi toh mil gaya...ab meri tension khatam".

What do you have to say to your UK audiences who are comparing you with Kajol's character Simran? They think you are the new Simran in SRK's life.
Wow! I didn't know this. Thank you so much and thank you to all the UK people who've appreciated my work. I hope I do many more films with Shahrukh because he is too good. He is fun to work with. When I saw Kajol and SRK in the 'phir milenge chalte chalte' song, they both looked like made for each other. Their pair is just awesome.

Are you going to watch Aamir's Ghajini?
Yes, I am going to watch Aamir Khan's Ghajini. I think it's going to be a good film. It's not about competition, now a days, the more the films do well, better it is for our industry.

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