Saturday, 27 December 2008

RGV's Agyaat make big moves

exclusive by Devansh Patel

Looks like Ram Gopal Varma's Agyaat is having a snowball effect in Sri Lanka. It's rolling at a lightening pace. A source close to RGV informs me, "It's raining since couple of days in Sri Lanka but inspite of the wet and wild conditions, Ramu still wants his cast and crew to carry on filming. This is how RGV works by thinking that the rain will add flavour to the film. How Agyaat (unknown) is that?". I further quizzed him on the news which is doing the rounds on whether Agyaat will be dubbed in Telegu and Tamil, to which the source answered, "The news is true. Sudhakar Reddy's son, Nitin Reddy who plays the lead actor in the film is a Telugu super star who has given huge hits down south. That's the only reason why Telegu rights are going to be so high followed by the Tamil rights". Now it's not only the south who is looking forward to the film but Bollywood too is sneaking in from the behind. "RGV is in talks with Bollywood's top most corporate houses for all the rights regarding Agyaat right from promotion to distribution to marketing, so on and so forth. Not only that, Ramu has also decided that he is not going to show any person wearing a costume of the predator or an alien. The post production guys from Pixion are creating the creature for Agyaat now. The cast and the crew along with director Ram Gopal Varma are planning to return back to India on January 14 and are trying their level best to hit the deadline in times of recession. Still to shoot are some of the toughest action sequences in the jungles of Sri Lanka and the man helping to achieve that is the action director from past films such as Shoot Out At Lokhandwala and Mission Istanbul", said the source. Whether the film will be a hit ya miss can only be judged after it's release. One things sure, the action of Agyaat will certainly pack a punch.

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