Saturday, 31 January 2009

On a date with Roshni Chopra and Adah Sharma - The Phirr ladies

exclusive by Devansh Patel

There are many who consider actresses to be canny, manipulative and, eventually, undeniable. I too think so, as they come across as bold, mature and very confident. I'm saying this because I met not one, but two actresses at the same time at the same place under one roof last Saturday. The roof - Indigo Cafe in Andheri. The first actress - Adah Sharma. The second actress - Now that's a surprise till you go on to the next page and figure out who she is and how she looks and talks. In fact, her passage to Bollywood is as similar to that of Prachi Desai. She looks a bit of Sonam Kapoor and is as chirpy as her. It's another thing that her husband calls her a Leonardo Di Caprio look alike. What? Come again! From the small screen to the big screen, she is making her debut in Bollywood. Her big break on to the television has been fabulously fortunate. And, being as she began her education and career in media back in the University of Leeds, U.K, it's actually taken me by surprise. She has done mass communications and media studies and then you see her act. Anyway, now this was really funny. Adah Sharma was adamant to click the above picture. It was her idea to cover the face of this debutant with the camera, though the newest entrant wasn't up for it, but we both managed to convince the tele queen.

Ok, ladies and gentlemen...put your hands together for the newest face being launched by producer Vikram Bhatt in his next film Phhir - Roshni Chopra.

A cup of cappucino, fresh malta juice and some freshly pressed apple juice was all it took to get us three talking in the woddy ambience of the cafe, and when you're in the cafe, coffee comes first. But before we ordered for our drinks, the sweet Roshni orders for some even sweeter cheese cake. Then suddenly she asks Adah and me whether we would like to eat some dessert. 'No thank you' changed her mind and she orders for the cheese cake to be packed. Suddenly Adah shows her likeness for peas. Yes, our green peas. Where did they come from? A complete 'No No' for me and Roshni. But more than the food talk show, I was more interested to know how was Roshni signed in for Phhir where she plays the better half of Rajneesh Duggal. The charming actress informed me that it took just one text message from Vikram Bhatt to do the trick. He met her, narrated her the story and there goes the role in Roshni's lap. Now not many know that both Adah and Roshni are co-stars in Phhir. Yes, and both had a freezing time in UK's Newcastle while filming. While Miss Sharma kept eating hot jacket potatoes to keep herself warm, Miss Chopra loved her chow mein. By the way, chinese is Roshni's favourite dish and believe it or not, she can keep on eating chinese seven days a week. And then both take out their list of complaints. Adah couldn't bear the heaters while Roshni couldn't bear the cold. Adah loves doing yoga in the mornings while Roshni doesn't agree. How very diverse in their thinking. It's true. One loves the snakes and the other hates it. Who loves me and who doesn't was the last thing I wanted to listen to, till I hear something from Roshni which goes - "I am married and my husband thinks I look like Leonardo Di Caprio". What?

I still couldn't digest the fact that Roshni's husband thinks her wifey resembles Di Caprio. She couldn't either and bursts out laughing.The topic thankfully moved on to the latest award function, The Star Screen Awards 2009, where Adah Sharma was nominated as the Best Debutant Female. She didn't win is a different thing but she enjoyed it was another. Taking her best friend to accompany her, she was clicked in her long flowing white dress on the red carpet. By the way, Adah hates this 'bling bling' kind of outfits. She likes it plain and simple and not many know but she can get ready in fifteen minutes before going on the sets or any event. That's how quick Adah is. Mrs Roshni had an interesting story to share with us about what happened in Newcastle. Early morning at the hotel's breakfast table, Adah was seen missing. So when all the other cast and crew who had got up hours before the 9am shoot were all munching on their healthy food, Adah's mother was seen picking the best of the fruits for her daughter who was still getting ready in her room. Why? Because she could change into her shooting outfit, eat her breakfast and still be on time to join the rest of the gang. Didnt I say she was quick? We go back to talking about films, animated films. Now that's one genre I don't talk of much. So I let the girls do the talking. Though I still feel that animation in India isn't up to the mark, both the beauties sitting opposite me disagree and try to recollect the name of one Hollywood film where the real life collides with animation. One minute on and they couldn't crack it. I was trying to test their knowledge on the genre which they love seeing on the big screen. Finally Adah gives up but Roshni doesn't. Wow! Did she remember the name of the film? Naaa.....she calls her husband...gets the name...and hangs up on him. Truly, an enchanting experience. By the way, the film was called Enchanted.

Now if there was one person who was dearly missed in our chit chat over the coffee table was Rajneesh Duggal. Never mind, there is always a 'phhir kabhi'. I've always thought that a good story with an even better photograph to compliment it makes the best write-up. I still regret for not having a single pic for the Mugdha Godse story I did. I had to do it this time for there wasn't one but two pretty faces I had to face. That was my target. The problem was, I didn't have a digital camera with me. But Adah and Roshni's 5 mega pixel camera phone did the trick. Personally speaking, I am a good photograher. Don't the pictures tell you the story? I request both to buddy bond, make faces (which they didn't), be casual and love the lense. My wish was their command and the twosome were awesome with their cheerleader like smile. Adah had her black curly curls going on while Roshni had the brunette 'do. Give them a couple of guns, some tight jeans and hot hunks, they'll be ready for what I think can be the best ever photshoot to take place. Dabboo, Subi, Rakesh, Mr Rajadhyaksh, are you guys listening? The time to say 'alvida' had come. Roshni had to shoot off into town for some work, Adah had to meet her friend on her way home and I had to rush back to draft this sweet lovely story where Adah and Roshni were able to create their own brand of tough, cute and shy girls....uninterrupted.

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