Saturday, 31 January 2009

RGV is back from Sri Lanka

exclusive by Devansh Patel

Bollywood Hungama broke the news about RGV going to Sri Lanka in December 2008 for the shoot of his next film titled Agyaat. Guess what? He is back in Mumbai. Arrived last week, the busy director is running up and down his Oshiwara office trying to get the shoot of his another film Rann in place. The sources close to RGV said that he begins filming Rann on January 20. Good for him. But let's go back in the last year with Ramu. Let's go back visit Sri Lanka, what say?

Now we all are aware that Agyaat is a film about a film crew that gets lost in the jungles of Sri Lanka and how the cast and the crew face some unknown creature or an alien or a predator. Hope that's the story, but when you know RGV is directing it, just about anything is possible. What's possible for us though is to bring you an interesting story on the line producer of the film which apna Ramu roped in for Agyaat. Steven Speilberg calls him his most valued man of the South East Asia, he is the man who brought Bo Derek, Harrison Ford and Gulshan Grover to Sri Lanka for films such as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and The Jungle Book. He has also worked with the likes of David Lynne and Alfred Hitchcock and of that wasn't enough, he has also directed a few Sri Lankan films and has been a producer for several others. Meet Chandran Rutnam (seen in the picture below with RGV during the shoot of Agyaat, the first and the only Bollywood film shot from start to finish in Sri Lanka).

We also learn that Ram Gopal Varma has wrapped up the entire film and had also kept a media conference in Colombo for the same. But before the wrap up, there was an elephant and a baby comodo dragon to be dealt with. The source told us that RGV had to shoot a scene with a mad elephant. As far as the comodo dragon was concerned, it was just a mere small guest on the sets. The film was shot in the Sigiria Black Forest in Sri Lanka with some breath taking visuals. Though we have managed to bring you a visual of a weird looking tree which I'm sure is a part of the film and an outhouse in the middle of a jungle which the director would've used in the film, we could not bring you the stills of the principal cast of the film due to secrecy but did manage to bring in RGV's best find to date - Ravi Kale, who plays a stunt director in the film (seen in the picture below with his favourite director RGV).

Coming back to Mumbai now, the latest report doing rounds surrounding the film Agyaat is that a big corporate giant has brought the rights of the film, and the name is going to shock one and all. For a while, we leave it for you guys to decide who that Agyaat is.

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