Saturday, 31 January 2009

UTV backs RGV's Agyaat and RGV's Rann to be shot in Mumbai and Delhi

by Devansh Patel

Ever since RGV is back from Sri Lanka he is back in the news for more reasons than just one. The first bit of rumours doing the rounds is that Madhu Mantena is producing Rann after A.B.Corp backed off. It's all in the family as they say. But let's hope Madhu hasn't developed a fifteen minute memory loss or else Rann will look deserted without a producer. The latest bit of information we've just received from our little birdie is exclusive. A few days back we carried a slideshow of RGV's stills from Agyaat and left it for you to guess which corporate giant has backed and bagged Agyaat. Well, it seems that the mystery has come to an end there won't be any guessing games played because the corporate house who has got the worldwide rights of the film Agyaat is none other than UTV Motion Pictures. Our close sources have confirmed to us that the concept of making the first full length feature film on an alien or an unknown creature was already there on RGV's blog which was spotted by someone from UTV. What next? UTV wanted to know more about the project Agyaat and after a few phone calls and meetings, UTV was on board. But the corporate giant made it clear that it was the story they were most fascinated with, followed by the director, Ram Gopal Varma and ofcourse, the approximate budget of the film, 6 to 7 crores. The last time UTV backed any RGV project was Randeep Hooda starrer produced by RGV titled 'D'. This is also the first film of 2009 that UTV has signed bearing in mind the recession. So, instead of a three film or a two film contract which any corporate big wig would sign, UTV has only managed to tie up a one film deal, as of now, with RGV. Agyaat is due to release in May 2009 followed by RGV's next titled Rann - A News Story in June 2009.

It's not only Agyaat which is the talk of the town. RGV's next biggie Rann - A News Story is to begin as soon as the director finishes his few days of song and dance shoot being currently shot in the Film City. The sources have confirmed that Rann being a media story revolving around politics, will be shot 80% in Delhi and 20% in Mumbai. And if the rumours are to be believed, the film is also being roped in to premiere at the IIFA 2009 in June. Looks like there is no stopping this passionate director for he believes - Power cannot be given, it has to be taken.

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